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All About our Ceramic Coatings

Specializing in ceramic coating services, we offers unmatched protection and shine, guarding against oxidation, scratches, tar, sap, and more. With our skilled team and convenient mobile service, we bring premium car care right to your doorstep. Experience the ultimate automotive detailing and long-term protection with us!

Ceramic Coating Requirements 

...and 2 important things you should know if you want your vehicle with a professional grade Ceramic Coating

For optimal results with Ceramic Coating, a thorough wash and decontamination of your vehicle are essential to ensure proper bonding. Without this step, contaminants like iron deposits, tree sap, tar, and water minerals stuck in the clear coat can hinder long-term adhesion.

Regarding Paint Correction, if you're unconcerned about imperfections showing beneath the coating, it's optional. However, for those seeking the highest gloss and paint condition, Paint Correction is necessary to level the clear coat and remove minor scratches and imperfections, although not crucial for bonding.

Our Coatings Brought To Your Home!

All of our Ceramic Coatings we use are from DIYDETAIL.COM. They have innovated some of the highest quality ceramic coatings on the market, trusted by thousands of detail shops across the world. Their formulations feature Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), Silicon Nitride (SiN), Polysilazane, and Graphene Oxide. Variations in chemical percentages enhance durability.

6-12 month Ceramic "Wax on steroids": 35$

Our Graphene Ceramic topper serves as our most budget-friendly coating option, offering a cost-effective entry point to ceramic coatings. While not as durable as our semi-permanent coatings, it still provides impressive gloss, hydrophobicity, and facilitates easy vehicle cleaning for several months to a year, depending on usage.

All of these coatings can be claimed on your vehicles carfax report, which can increase resale value and help sell a vehicle.

3 Year Ceramic Coating: $399

5 Year Ceramic Coating: $599

8 Year Ceramic Coating: $899

11 years-lifetime: $1499

Our most durable Ceramic coating boasts the highest concentrations of Graphene, Silicon Dioxide, Polysilazane, Graphene Oxide, and Silicon Nitride. By applying our 8 and 5-year coatings separately, we create a unique chemical composition for unparalleled longevity and chemical resistance. With regular maintenance, this coating can last a lifetime when properly cleaned and decontaminated.

Frequently asked Ceramic Coating Questions


What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic or glass coating, is a protective layer of liquid polymer quartz applied to a vehicle's exterior, providing long-term protection against scratches, oxidation, and environmental contaminants, and preserving its appearance and value.


How much does ceramic coating cost?

The cost of Ceramic Coating adhesion depends on factors like thorough cleaning, clay barring, iron removal, water spotting removal, and paint correction. The average cost is $500-$1500, excluding the first coating.


Can you ceramic coat boats, motorcycles, and RVs?

All 3 can get ceramic coating. Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity for RVs, as they require extensive time and resources. However, we can refer you to another that handles RVs.


Ceramic Coating vs PPF

Paint Protection Film (PPF), a thin protective sheet molded to your car's contours, shields against damage. Installation takes 5-7 days and costs $1,500 - $2,500. PPF lasts 5-7 years, but may peel and require redoing.

Alternatively, Long-term Ceramic Coating offers indefinite protection with proper maintenance, even with our 3-year option. Installation costs $500-$1000 and takes half a day, sans paint correction. Plus, we apply it at your convenience, even in your driveway!


Are there any disadvantages to having ceramic coating?

While the internet often portrays ceramic coating as 'very expensive' and 'labor-intensive,' the reality is quite different. In the past, ceramic coatings were indeed labor-intensive, but advancements have made them relatively quick and easy to apply. Considering the long-term benefits they offer, ceramic coatings are a worthwhile investment.


How long does a ceramic coating last?

There is a very wide range of different types and levels of durability for ceramic coatings on the market. On average, most profession grade Ceramic coatings as of 2024 claim at least 3 years. At Brookside Mobile Detail, we offer some of the highest quality ceramics there are - with a 3, 5, 8, and 11+ year coating.


Can you coat my brand new car?

Yes! Brand new cars are ideal candidates for Ceramic Coating as they require minimal preparation. With no scratches or contaminants, the process is simpler and often results in a more cost-effective quote compared to older vehicles.


Is ceramic coating worth it?

Did you know your vehicle only has between 1-2mm of clear coat protecting its expensive paint? This thin layer acts as the only shield against the harsh sun and gradual decontamination, but once it fades, there's no easy fix—it requires a costly repaint, often exceeding $4,000 for quality work. Ceramic coating is one of the best affordable ways to maintain your vehicles appearance and value.


What about the ceramic coating sprays I see in-store?

These spray coatings contain SiO2 but lack proper adhesion for long-term durability or strong chemical resistance. They function more like a wax topper and typically last up to a year. However, they don't offer the same level of durability as professional-grade Ceramic Coatings.


Can you teach me how to ceramic coat my car?

Yes! If you want to learn how to coat your own car, I'm happy to teach anybody interested in learning.

Want to see more ceramic coating before/after photos? Check out Our Work

Ceramic coating car before and after
Ceramic coating truck before and after
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